A performance by a drawing machine

“Dimension is finite but there are infinite dimensions”


Dimensions cannot exist in isolation. Their movement in space causes them to form layers to accommodate themselves in themselves amongst themselves.


Dimensions exist in dimensions amongst dimensions.


We are immersed in the space around us and are in a way framed by the dimension of spacetime which restricts us to access the multiple possibilities of parallel consequences as we are observers in this dimension experiencing super positioning of those particles.

This is a work in progress as I am in the process of enquiring the idea of Time and its effects on space.

Materials used: roll of paper, pen, Poly Vinyl Chloride rods, minute ball bearings, 3d printed fixtures, Stainless Steel rods, acrylic, linear ball bearings, nuts and bolts, stepper motors, Polyurethane timing belt, Aluminum alloy timing pulley, limit switches, Arduino Uno, Computer Numeric Control v3 shield, motor drivers, multistrand jumper wires, Bluetooth module, power bank.



© Vineesh V Amin 2019

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