Kinetic Wind Sculpture

A point having no dimension extents to a line as it experiences movement. This causes it to move into another dimension and space which creates a factor 'time'.

My work is an exploration of the movement of a line. A line is made up of multiple points. I chose to break this concept of a line while it is still connected to each other and move it with the influence of wind. This resulted in a kinetic sculpture that sways along while it is maneuvered by wind in the space it inhabits.


Earlier explorations of the form involved working with aluminium, which led to a series of prototypes that played around with the freedom of movement along its pivots. To react to the slightest of wind the structure had to be made as slight as possible.

As I envisioned the sculpture to be placed in an natural ecosystem, while working with aluminium I also explored wood as it is a lighter and a more organic material. A propeller was then added to the head of the structure to achieve a dynamic movement. The piece was now responsive towards the slightest of omnidirectional winds.

Sway is the beginning to a much larger installation which would be placed in natural ecosystem that compliments each other and coexists with and in the chosen environment.


Material used : wood, aluminium, metal bearings

Size: 14 x 6 inches


© Vineesh V Amin 2019

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