Virtual Reality Experience


An experiential installation extending a two-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional space. Hive is the result of instruction as layers of action performed by the maker and observer.


A plane is a surface with an area on space, Space is a medium of existence. Here a plane translating into a space through a digital screen allows you to access that space as an observer and move around in the defined area. A virtual reality headset immerses and simulates the observer’s presence into that space.


This digital plane is constructed with innumerable hexagonal glass cylinders of different heights placed close to each other, creating a terrain to manoeuvre on. With the freedom of choice to navigate in that space, the activities of the observers are simultaneously extended onto the physical plane through a projector so that the observer’s point of view can be seen.


Material used : virtual reality headset, smart phone, joystick, projector.



© Vineesh V Amin 2019

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