This project relates two frames in one dialogue while expressing the relation between THIS & THAT.


The series of images acts as an auxiliary to Identify the verbose of THIS & THAT ,which has lead to the understanding of the implications of interdependency through the construct and deconstruct of complex concepts such as cosmology as well as simple acts performed as part of our daily social behaviours.




“This is not That

That is not This

What is This and what is That?

This is That

That is This

This has become That

That is nothing but This

That was once This

Before This existed

After which This became That

This is interdependent on That

This defines That

If That comes from This

Then This is That

But that is not This...”

In English grammar, THIS is used to signify the entity specified being closer to the speaker to THAT which is farther away. THIS and THAT being different are interdependent on each other. THIS is what becomes THAT and without THAT there wouldn’t be in a need for THIS as it can be referred to as THE.


THIS and THAT is nothing but the combination of THE, IS and AT.

THE is the word that brings specificity to an entity and IS and AT talks about the location and position of the entity.


With respect to Special relativity, Time slows down when an entity moves in a speed relative to a stationary entity only when compared to it. THIS Time has no position or direction but estimates the position and direction of objects and events placed in THAT space. The relationship between Space and Time is same as THIS & THAT experiences

through interdependency.

© Vineesh V Amin 2019

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